The Cast

Peter Broome (Randall) - Peter only decided to enter the acting profession after completing his first degree at Edinburgh University. Known as a "thinker" at LAMDA he has a thorough grounding in Theatre in productions such as King Lear at the Old Vic which made him an ideal candidate to play the complex, expressive and devious Randall.
Andrew Hoggarth (Phil) - musician, director, engineer, teacher - and of course actor! The widely travelled and multi-talented Andrew really does seem to have done it all. His ability to convey the contemplative menace of the laid-back Phil was so uncanny that we began to wonder just what he did get up to in those years abroad.
Abigail Good (Tabatha) - Propelled into the public eye after her debut feature role opposite Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut. Actress and model Abigail seems destined for greatness. Cast as Tabatha - the forthright, manipulative - her striking good looks and remarkable poise exceeded all our expectations.
John Moraitis (the American) - A highly regarded thespian in his native America. New York born and raised John was ideal as the mafioso-style American - to some extent reprising his role in Goodfellas. A consumate professional and a pleasure to work with. John's chemistry with his co-stars makes for some truly memorable scenes.
David Rundle (Tommy) - Every film has to have a complete newcomer and David is ours. Cast as the drug-addled, affable and eccentric Tommy his talent for physical comedy and range of facial expression had us all wishing we'd given him more lines! Be sure to savour every moment he is on screen and watch out for him in the future.
Zoe-Anne Phillips (the Reporter)- When Zoe was auditioned she showed herself to be perfect for the part of the glamorous and aspiring reporter. We later realised this might be down to her experiences as a reviewer on cable television (as well as numerous other TV and theatre credits) but we didn't get to ask her as we had already given her the job!
Adam Smith (Leon) - Our second LAMDA trained actor, Adam's aristocratic good looks and rugby player's physique made him our first choice for Leon. Critically acclaimed in the difficult role of Zilov in Andrei Selivanov's Duck Hunting, the role of the aspiring well-heeled simpleton was never going to trouble him, though he has managed to bring unexpected depth to the role.
Justin Brett (Tom Barker) - After working his way through a series of lead theatre roles and appearing on our television screens in both Eastenders and London's Burning, Justin gravitated to an immediate lead role in the popularly acclaimed Brothers. His disarming nature and captivating stare made him an obvious choice to play the charismatic yet discomforting Tom Barker in the film.